Why Limelight

Every year billions of kilowatt hours are wasted — amounting to millions of dollars each day, billions each year. It’s wasted because lighting is on when it doesn’t need to be, where it doesn’t need to be. Say hello to LimeLight, a smart, wireless, lighting control system that makes better use of time and energy to save money, all while supporting a safer, more sustainable environment.

LimeLight’s wireless system allows users to light harvest both day and night. Facilities are “perfectly calibrated” throughout the daylight hours, and set to low light output until activity is detected in the evening hours. Energy savings is maximized, while the customer experiences an environment that is pleasing to the eye. Simply put, it’s a win for all parties.

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Entire floors are ignited to full power, and customers feel a sense of security never before provided. In the evening, as cars enter or exit they are proactively “escorted” by LimeLight’s synch software capability. The system also knows when fixtures are malfunctioning or being vandalized, and will notify the authorities by email for immediate attention.

Stand alone controls, which have been on the market for years, cannot provide daylight and nighttime harvest for any fixture, report on the status of any fixture, provide real-time information on fixture issues, and track facility activity overall delivering an ROI in less than 3 years. Limelight is an information bonanza, and a key asset in minimizing maintenance costs both labor and general upkeep. The system tracks energy usage, dims fixtures when there is no activity or in areas of strong natural light, and provides the kind of real-time data that facility owners would love to have to make better business decisions.