Steelcase installed their second Limelight system into a Grand Rapids, MI manufacturing facility. As a leading office manufacturer, they are leveraging Limelight’s wireless lighting control system to receive data and information from its operations to improve overall energy performance. This data highlights the monthly energy use and energy savings obtained from smart network controls.

The Department of Energy (DOE) stated that the industrial sector uses nearly a third of the energy in the United States. By tracking energy consumption with data analytics, the facility manager can understand where their operational expenses are being used. Steelcase has programmed their system so fixtures dim down during slower hours. Even with three on-going shifts and a packed factory floor, they are able to obtain a tremendous energy savings from the Limelight system.

Steelcase has made significant steps in this domain of energy management and will be rewarded by saving energy and money. An additional benefit to gathering this data is receiving energy efficiency program incentives. Steelcase has partnered with their local energy service company, Consumer Energy, to earn rewards for their energy reduction efforts.

“Consumers Energy is committed to providing energy solutions for Michigan businesses. Our entire state wins when employers such as Steelcase can reduce costs and put more money into their businesses,” said Ted Ykimoff, Consumer Energy’s Director of Energy Efficiency Programs.

We’re continuously looking for opportunities to work with companies like Consumers Energy and Steelcase to provide high-performing network lighting controls to indoor and outdoor facilities. By reducing energy consumption, lowering maintenance costs and enhancing the facility’s safety, we believe it is the smart decision for all businesses and for the community.