Limelight Brings Energy Efficiency to 2016 Democratic National Convention (201 downloads)

Limelight has been selected, by another leading municipality, as the smart lighting control system for deployment before the 2016 DNCC in Philadelphia.

This year, the city will take an important step toward becoming a city also known for being sustainable, smart, and energy efficient with the installation of Limelight’s adaptive lighting controls embedded into new LED fixtures at two of Philadelphia’s parking garages.

The Limelight system will reduce energy consumption by up to 65% by leveraging a high density mesh wireless network to constantly monitor, make adjustments and send notifications when issues arise. Integrated occupancy sensing gives the LED fixtures the ability to detect movement and enable entire rows or floors to stay in a dim or off state reducing energy consumption without compromising safety.

Limelight can also be installed in various other indoor and outdoor settings like parking lot lighting and site and area lighting. If you are interested in controls for your indoor space, our system works most efficiently with high-bay lighting in facilities like warehouses, distribution centers, and convention centers.