Limelight Chosen by 3 “SMART” Cities As Their Network Lighting Control Solution (219 downloads)

Three cities across our country have invested in the industry leading smart lighting control system, Limelight. This lighting technology utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) by wirelessly connecting each fixture to another and linking them to the internet.

The value of this is that these municipal parking facilities will largely reduce energy consumption and operational costs for years to come as electricity costs continue to rise. The Limelight system provides safety through the high density mesh that links the fixtures together allowing them to communicate and ignite in groups making the user feel safe in a brightly lit space. This smart technology will also deliver maintenance cost reduction through failure detection communicated live and data analytics that allows the user to improve efficiency and gain exposure into monthly energy savings.

The city of Grand Rapids has perceived Limelight to be a reliable and trouble-free solution for their parking garages. In addition to the 5 facilities that Limelight has been installed in over the past 7 years – they have committed to 2 more parking structures. The City of Minneapolis was similar in the way that it saw the value Limelight brought to their local university, the University of Minnesota, where Limelight is installed in all of their parking garages.

The third customer to benefit from the simplicity and enjoyable user experience of Limelight is the City of Pittsburgh. The installation of Limelight into a handful of facilities will positively affect them as they begin their smart city journey.