Limelight has been providing energy efficiency to parking garages across North America for nearly a decade, and has now expanded its market reach to Central America. The 100-acre campus at America Free Zone (AFZ) provides services to companies looking for a reliable facility to establish their operations in Costa Rica.

The AFZ campus is functioning 24/7 and places high value on running their facility efficiently while also working to reduce energy consumption. Their facility has selected Limelight as their preferred smart wireless lighting control solution to lowers operational costs and deliver a safe, sustainable and energy efficient environment to their clients. AFZ’s modern equipment, along with Limelight, provides control over 100% of their facilities allowing them to monitor their parking, entrances, exits, and other common areas.

“Our facilities group at AFZ is very happy with Limelight’s performance thus far. Prior to Limelight, we had our lights operating at all hours of the day and night. Now, with Limelight’s smart technology, we are able to reduce the lights to 20% when there is no occupancy. This has led to a 58% reduction in energy use, largely reducing our operating costs for our facility.” – Luis Moya, AFZ Project Manager.