TwistHDM Offers Server Appliance to Enterprise Customers (154 downloads)

TwistHDM has recently developed a Limelight appliance server to be offered to customers as an alternate option to the cloud-based platform. The Limelight wireless lighting control system is now able to fully operate within an existing network, requiring no external network or cloud access.

This appliance server will bring a level of added security to the end-user by having everything hosted entirely within the customer’s network. The advantage of having Limelight’s wireless lighting control system on-site will also make this a positive choice for our clients in the future allowing them to add additional facilities all running off the same appliance server.

Ivanhoé Cambridge, the largest real estate company in Canada, is the first TwistHDM customer to use this newly developed server appliance. They now have 2,500 smart fixtures at the Metrotown shopping center that are able to operate using their local network to reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs, and enhance the overall safety.

With nearly 200 additional properties, they will be able to take full advantage of the benefits that this newly developed appliance server has to offer.