The City of Holland Goes “Smart” With Limelight (174 downloads)

The City of Holland has taken a big step in the direction of becoming a “smart city” by installing TwistHDM’s, locally developed and manufactured, smart wireless lighting control system with new LED fixtures throughout seven of the city parks.

The Smart Cities Council defines a smart city as one that “uses information and communication technology to enhance its livability, workability and sustainability by collecting data.” The Limelight system will bring the energy and technology dimension to Holland’s smart city journey.

“Because of our commitment to energy stewardship, our innovative business focus, and our overall mission to Maximize Livability, Holland is honored to host smart technology (Limelight) in seven of our city parks. We are saving money, increasing safety, and showcasing priceless local invention,” says Holland City Mayor, Nancy DeBoer.

Limelight controls will use its occupancy sensing technology to dim the lights when the parks are empty and its sunrise/sunset detection calculation and light sensing technology to turn off lights when sufficient daylight is available largely reducing the overall energy consumption by at least 70%.

The wireless lighting control network will provide real-time updates when outages occur, ultimately providing additional savings to maintenance costs. With Limelight, the light fixtures are able to sense when someone is present and bring all nearby lights to a fully lit state creating a safe and bright environment.

One unique feature that provides an additional benefit is the scheduling of events. The city often hosts special events like movies in the park or holiday fireworks where select lighting is required. The Limelight system allows them to customize this for special occasions, all online with a custom graphic user interface, using a personal computer or mobile phone.