Event Calibrations

Harvesting is the method used by advanced luminaire technology to minimize the energy use for lighting and optimize efficiencies. Fixtures are connected in strategic groups, based on the amount of available natural light and usage at various times of the day. THese groups are then programmed to increase or decrease brightness throughout the day.

During daytime hours, natural light is leveraged wherever possible to minimize or eliminate the need for luminaires. In low-traffic areas or times, lights are dimmed during nighttime hours, and brightened when motion is detected. This results in substantial energy savings without sacrificing safety.

  • Adjusts light levels by leveraging local photocell info
  • Sample rate of photocell info programmable for different climate environments
  • Luminaire group is slowly increased as sun goes down and decreased as sun comes up
  • Events are programmed to three distinct points: Daylight harvesting, LOW, MED, HIGH
  • Seasonally independent
  • Uses established control theory and set points for decision making

  • Reactive events utilizing Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) to detect motion
  • Set a minimum light level that will adjust after motion is sensed
  • Leverage motion sensing to react to activity
  • Inactivity causes luminaire to go to a lower light level
  • The inactivity time-out period is programmable