System Intelligence

Industry Leading Protocol

  • IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) industry standard
  • Mesh network configuration
  • Multi-hop topology extends range of the network
  • Rigorously tested and field–proven network stack
Strength and Reliability

  • 800ft (open air) line of sight RF signal strength
  • Self-healing, high redundancy communication scheme
  • Highly optimized software for efficient use of RF bandwidth
  • No failures
Integrated Gateway

  • Single board industrial computer
  • Communication hub between to RF mesh
  • Connected to the
  • Secured in an water/tamper-proof housing, lock
  • Installed in utility closet near the center of the RF mesh
Added Safety

  • Reactive occupancy sensing system provides sense of security
  • Passive infrared technology with field swappable lens for varying heights
  • Embedded self-diagnostic capabilities
  • Event history stored online (Ethernet)
  • Heartbeat status LED on each unit
  • Provides status feedback to maintenance
Access to Information

  • Email alert notifications
  • Access to all maintenance information
  • Any LED/Driver failure alert is sent to your email
  • Any “radio out” situation is sent to your email
  • Daily heartbeat emails are available
  • Gateway reboot alerts notifications
  • All alerts are also stored on cloud data table
Data Analytics

  • Insight into energy usage patterns
  • Motion sensing tracking software
  • LED/Driver hours of use
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Ambient Light tracking software
  • Diagnostic data accumulated at time of failure